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History of The Northern Harley Club

The forming of The NHC was first suggested by a few regulars at Ian Evans's "High Legh Classics" in the summer of 1993 and we had our first meeting at "The Bear's Paw" on the A50 in October that year.
Our membership quickly outgrew the meeting room there and in February 1994 we moved our meetings to "The Jolly Thresher".

In the July we held our first rally as a part of "The Stars and Stripes Event" in Tatton Park.
The following month saw another move of home to the Poplar 2000 Truckstop, now our Sunday ride-out meeting place.
Following a re-organisation of the Club we returned to "The Jolly Thresher" in the December when Ian Evans was elected as our President.
In May '95, to save room fees, we moved to "The Axe & Cleaver" in Dunham Massey and in the July of that year we held the first in a series of eight "Lakeside Rallies" at Hollingworth Lake.

In the August of '95, "High Legh Classics" (which was by now called "High Legh Harleys") was bought out by Tommy Young from Southport, but Ian stayed as our President until the AGM in December, when Tommy took over the position.
We kept our meetings at "The Axe" until the brewery decided to convert the pub into a restaurant , which left us with nowhere to meet, so after checking out various pubs we came across "The Chetwode Arms" and held our first meeting there in September 1996.
Towards the end of '96 Tommy had a stroke and felt unable to carry on his Presidential duties, so at the AGM Dennis Brooks was duly elected to take his place and was re-elected to that position each year until the end of 2002, when, due to failing health he stepped down and Bob Latham was elected to take over.
Sadly, Tommy Young died in February '99 and so "High Legh Harleys" closed its doors for the last time.

After seven years at "The Chetwode Arms" we had again outgrown our meeting place, so at the beginning of September 2003, we moved to "The Cock o' Budworth", I wonder how long it will take to outgrow "The Cock".

After eighteen months service as President, Bob resigned in July 2004 and we decided not to replace him until the AGM in the December. This we did, when Pete "Leatherman" Smallwood was elected.

When Joseph Holts, the brewery that owns "The Cock o' Budworth", announced plans to do a complete refurbishment of the pub, we had to find another meeting place, so in January 2007, we moved a couple of miles up the road to "The Antrobus Arms", another biker friendly pub.
Twelve months later, after the refurbishment of "The Cock" had been postponed indefinitely, we moved back to "The Cock Of Budworth".
At the AGM in 2008 after four successful years as President, Pete relinquished his post for personal reasons and John Howard (Little John or Mohican) was duly elected as his replacement.
In December of 2009, "The Cock's" refurbishment was confirmed as starting the following month, so with the pub due to close in the middle of January and be re-designed in such a way as to be unable to cater for us afterwards, we moved to "Hollins Park Country Club" with a new night of Monday for our meetings. We held our "Kickstart Summer Party" in 2010 at Hollins Park but in the June we moved to The Hermit, on Golborne Rd following its recent refurbishment.
At the AGM in November 2010, our President, Little John, relinquished his post and was replaced by Tony Bailey, who had been Treasurer since 1994 (apart from 18 months off for good behaviour) and he became NHC's 7th President.
We were more than happy at The Hermit, but the local Warrington Council decided to close the pub down a couple of weeks after our AGM in late November 2010 which made us homeless once again.
However, due to the hard work of Elaine, a hastily re-organised Christmas Party at The Mascrat Manor gave us a new meeting place and that's where we held the first Meeting of 2011. During our first Meeting there it became obvious that the noise level from the rest of the pub was too disruptive to our Meeting so we moved to "The Dog & Partridge" for the next three monthly Meetings. Unfortunately the noise level there caused the same problem, so in May 2011 we moved to Rylands Recreation Club and this seems to fit the bill perfectly.

What we do....
Up until 2010, the main Club event of the year had been the annual rally, the first being held in 1994 at "The Stars & Stripes" in Tatton Park and then between 1995 and 2002, at Littleborough Rugby Club beside Hollingworth Lake. This is why we called it the Lakeside Rally .... ingenious, eh? We always held the Rally over the weekend closest to the 4th July, American Independence Day.

2003 marked our 10th year of existence, and we had a change of Rally venue to Winnington Park Rugby Club and change of date (because of the HD 100 year celebrations in Barcelona) to the weekend of the 16th to 18th July.

Because there's no lake in Winnington, we renamed the Rally "Midgeless 1" 'cos we weren't troubled by the Hollingworth midges.

After three successful rallies in the "Midgeless" series at Winnington, in 2006 we moved to a different venue, Moore RUFC, which turned out to be possibly the best rally we've put on to date. We also renamed the Rally to "NHC 13", on account of us being the NHC and this being our 13th Rally. Get it? The clues are there. These were followed in 2007, 2008 and 2009 by "NHC 14", "NHC 15" and, spookily, "NHC 16", all successful in spite of different weather conditions that we endured.
In 2010, we decided a change was needed, and we dropped our Rally in favour of "adopting" another Club's rally. For 2010 and 2011 we "adopted" Rainy City HDC's "Rainy Daze 7" & "Rainy Daze 8" Rallies held in the July of each year.
We also used to host a couple of overnight parties involving a band and a DJ and the consumption of vast amounts of beer!!

The first of these parties, called "Kickstart Summer" was held in April. This signifies the start of the season when the sun never stops shining and we can ride our bikes every day without fear of rain to spoil our hobby. (Yeah, right!)
The second overnighter, we called "The End of Summer Party" and was held at the beginning of October to mark the end of the glorious sunny days when the temperature never dropped below 80 degrees F. Hmm!!
In 2010, we had a re-think on these events as well and although we put on the "Kickstart Party", we decided to cancel the "End of Summer Party" in favour of something just for our Members.
We also attend various rallies put on by other clubs throughout the season, organise Sunday rideouts to different parts of the North West and join with other Clubs on charity Easter Egg Runs to children's homes nearby.

During the winter months when the dreaded chrome-rotting salt is on the roads we have other social events, for example tenpin bowling, go-kart racing, clay-pigeon shooting or anything else our members suggest.
We also usually put on a Christmas Bash for our members and friends, this also used to involve a band and vast amounts of beer, though the last couple of years have been a more sedate event, just comprising of a meal in a pub.

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